By downloading, installing and using the App for mobile devices “Pr3go” (“App” or “Pr3go” ) and, in any case, the software and Services offered through the App, these terms and conditions will apply automatically to you.
Please read carefully the following paragraphs and if you do not accept any part of our terms and conditions, do not download or use Pr3go.
We reserve the right to modify or amend any of these terms and conditions, anytime and with no prior notice. Keep yourself updated and check from time to time these terms and conditions for more details.


The App enables you to join, organize, help the organization of, events, parties, venues and any other live experience (the “Events”).

The App is exclusively owned by Captain Radio Inc., with registered office at 2180 Bay Drive, 33141 Miami Beach, Florida (USA), and the Services hereto are managed through Cuba Libre S.r.l., with registered office at Via Simonide 25, Rome (Italy). In no way they are deemed to be the organizers, managers or arrangers of the Events. With Pr3go we just enable exchanges between who wants to attend the Event (the “User”) and who organizes it, directly or on behalf of third parties (the “Desk”).

To enjoy the services offered by Pr3go (the “Services”) you must be over of full age, register by giving your e-mail address or mobile phone number and create a password. After that, you will be free to have access to your Events by using the App.

To download and install the App and enjoy the Services you will need wi-fi or a mobile connection from your mobile network provider. In such a case check with your provider for the applicable charges.

How it works

No registration is required if you just wish to check the Events available on the App. But if you want to interact actively, you must undergo the registration procedure and choose your User or Desk profile.


If you are a User and want to attend an Event, enter the dedicated window and select the Services offered, such as ticket entrance, drinks or merchandising available.

You will then receive a QR code to show at the Event to receive the Service you booked. All payments for the Services will be made at the Event, according to prices and methods indicated by the organizers or managers of said event.

With Pr3go and the QR code the Desk may track easily and in real time your entrance and all the Services you’ve chosen through the App.


If you are a Desk, you can promote on Pr3go the Events you are organizing, for you or others, by registering on the App and asking us for specific authorization to operate as a Desk.

You shall manage through the App all the Users requests for the Events, including booking of the Services, such as tickets, drinks or merchandising. Then you shall send them the QR code and make the necessary checks and verifications at the Event, consistently with the guidelines of the managers or organizers. With the App you will be able to update the check-ins and all the Services provided for each Event.

Guarantees and Liabilities

We give no guarantees, and therefore we assume no liability for:

  • the fact that the App will meet Users’ specific expectations and requirements, that it will properly work with no errors or bugs, and that the quality of Services will be in line with the ones expected by Users and Desk;
  • annulment, cancellation or suspension for any reason of the Event, including force majeure, infringement of applicable law provisions or orders from public authorities;
  • any consequence arising out of breaches by Users or Desk of these terms and conditions, as well as of the terms to access the Event, or anyhow connected to breaches by the organizers or managers of the Event;
  • refuse by organizers or managers of the Event to grant access for any reason, including objective causes or on mere discretionary basis;
  • organization of the Events promoted on the App, with regard to their authenticity, accuracy, quality, compliance with laws and regulations or other prescriptions from public authorities;
  • untrue contents, or detrimental to human dignity, honor, in breach of public order or any law provisions anyhow uploaded on the App. In any case, we reserve the right to remove such contents with no prior notice and to inform the competent authorities.

You shall keep us indemnified and harmless from any damage, costs, expense or loss arising out or in connection with claims, requests, litigations or proceedings anyhow related to the App, the Services, the Events as well as any relationship between Users, Desk and third parties.

Your Duties

We may, any time, wish to upgrade or issue new releases of the App, currently available on iOS. As effect, technical requirements for this system or additional systems may be subject to changes. If you want to keep using Pr3go, please check and download the available updates and releases.


Make sure that your mobile device is fully charged and your battery level is not low. Remember that, in case your device is off, it cannot be used to scan the QR code and you will not have access to the Event.

Bear in mind that the QR code eases, but does not guarantee, your participation to the Event.


You shall make sure that the QR code for any Event will be issued and verified correctly. For this reason the instruments and devices used for such purpose must be fully functioning.

You shall promptly inform Users in case of changes, suspensions or cancellations of the Event; you shall also put the Users in the best conditions to fully enjoy the Services related to your Events.

Third parties’ websites

When using the App, you may find links to third parties’ websites or internet resources, including social networks. We have no control on such websites or resources; therefore you acknowledge and accept that we shall not be liable for any content, product, service, advertising or other materials made available through them.

Intellectual Property

The App is offered at no cost to Users and Desks. Neither Users nor Desks are authorized to copy, modify in any way the App or parts of it.

You shall not extract the App code source, translate it or reverse it without Pr3go’s consent.

All the intellectual property rights related to the App, including trademarks and rights over software, belong to Captain Radio Inc. and Cuba Libre S.r.l., or other of their affiliates. We will take all the necessary measures and actions provided for by the law against anyone who will breach them.


All data and information provided and/or collected by the App for the Services are subject to our privacy policy, available here

Applicable law and jurisdiction

The App, the Services provided through it, as well as these terms and conditions are subject to Italian law. Any legal action or proceedings that may arise or result therefrom will be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of Rome.